New Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Disconnect Switch with Lockout, Rated 300A at 12V DC

Protect vehicles and equipment from tampering, theft and battery drain with Waytek’s new master battery disconnect switch. It cuts power from the battery when the vehicle or equipment is not in use to prevent tampering or theft of the vehicle, along with auxiliary battery drain from off-key accessories.

This new battery disconnect switch also protects from hazards during vehicle servicing, and can be locked-out or tagged-out. It fits standard master disconnect switch mounting patterns, and is waterproof and dust proof to IP67 standards. The master disconnect switch is rated for 300 amps at 12 volts DC.

This is just one of many battery disconnect switches Waytek carries. Battery management is crucial to keeping vehicles and equipment running. Browse Waytek’s selectrion of battery isolators and battery disconnect switches at